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Tzofim – The Israeli Scouts Movement 

 “A Zionist and national youth movement, whose mission is to establish and develop frameworks that imbue education and values, in which children and youth from all over Israel will engage in a variety of social activities to guide their personal development and which will provide them with recreation and fun.”  Excerpt from the TzofimMission Statement

Established in 1919, Tzofim was the first Zionist youth movement in Israel and remains today the largest "National Youth Movement" in the country.  Tzofim is famously known as the first egalitarian scouting movement in the world, where boys and girls participate together on an equal basis.


Tzofim   -  Scouting for a Better and Stronger Israeli Society

Tzofim teaches its scouts Jewish values and Zionism, with the goal of building an Israeli society that is Zionist, ethical and activist and that will benefit and satisfy all its citizens.

There are over 300,000 Tzofim graduates and approximately 80,000

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